Hidden Factory, special….

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Something special? Make a reservation in this “hidden restaurant” located in an old textile factory . We went with a group of friends and had all of them intrigued not knowing where they would end up having dinner. The way up added up to the experience. Finally entering a complete worn down, graffiti packed factory door and going up 3 floors in rough ambience even more. Ultimate surprise factor the room where we ended up and even more the quality of the food served here. Xavi and Nico do a very good job. A pity that they were quite in a bad mood because of problems with their neighboors (secret restaurant don´t have the right permits..to produce noise). But the ultimate host, Susana, compensated for them. A very special night with many delicious secrets.

Joaquín Costa n24 (industrial 3-2)
08001 Barcelona
M. hiddenfactorybarcelona@gmail.com
T. +34 639 294 033 or +34 670 577 332
W. https://www.facebook.com/hidden.factory.barcelona?_rdr=p


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