Flax&Kale, veggie hype

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Vegetarian and even vegan is quite hip these days, and Teresa Carles  had the inspiration to do it in a professional and stylish way with her shabby-chic restaurant in the upper Raval! And how she succeeded!
Wide choice of plates, including many different vegetarian burgers and toasts, with every detail explained by symbols, from breakfast to dinner, healthy juices, smoothies and all these up to date elements. Kale is dominating, and if this is not your taste you better not come here… Some blue fish has been seen in between the vegetarian offer, mostly salmon. We ordered grilled romesco and got broccoli…this is mentioned in the menu for in case the market does not offer it but was not told us when ordering…
For the hip crowd it seems to be a true In-place, for us not so much…. Even though the restaurant is very very beautiful, and especially the upper terrace – a romantic refugee within this very centric location!

Carrer dels Tallers, 74
08001 Barcelona
Tel. 933 17 56 64



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